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December 5, 2005
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Endless Rain
Part 56: The new life
©2005 – Dec. 5th Kitty Ocean

Hitori looked at the ceiling. It was strange. Hana had tucked her in, after her confession that she had very little desire left to be a tribes leader. She had only one wish, but she couldn’t speak that one out loud. It was a selfish wish, and this tribe needed her. One day her wish would be fulfilled, but not now. She was patient; she could wait.
‘Awe, poor child… are those Hikari Crystals gaining weight? You shouldn’t suffer like that. Nobody understands your pain. But I do…’
Hitori had been through a lot of crazy things lately. Hearing voices was probably another sign she was losing it. Little did she know, that this thought was probably her savior.

Zesshou had followed the Sendo. He knew where they were going. And he also knew what they were carrying. A part of him wanted to rush out and grab Siren out of their clutches. Another part was happy she was taken along; because that would mean he didn’t have to marry someone he was about 50 times the size. No, that was a bad thought. If he would ever find Lady Hitori, and if she would hear he would break his word, she would be very disappointed in him. No, he couldn’t risk that!
There was one thing that Zesshou and his guards immediately noticed. The Sendo had a new leader, but also seemed to have trouble accepting this leadership. Lana was still considered the Empress of the Sendo, according to the tribe.
“This can work in our advantage.” One of the guards mumbled. “They haven’t been paying attention to their traps, and frankly, they are quite chaotic.”
“Good.” Zesshou said. Suddenly everyone plugged their ears, and Zesshou and the guards followed their example.
“OOOOH! When will my prince come and save MEEEEEEEEEEE!?” The voice was high, and even though it barely sounded like that, this was a song. “I am all alone, when will I be FREEEEEEEE?”
“Do we really want to save her?!” Zesshou called out.
“If we get lucky, they will kick her out!” One of the guards called out.
But it seemed the Sendo were patient (gasp!), and Siren continued singing. Zesshou sighed; if the Sendo didn’t kill him, this voice would! Suddenly he noticed something else…

‘When I look at the moon,
I see a ray of hope…’

Zesshou put his hands from his ears, and looked around… amidst the singing… someone else was singing? And this one had a beautiful voice!

‘I sit in the frail moonlight,
dancing on my song,
awaiting my new life.

Stars will dance at my feet,
And I shall twirl around,
Being lost in dreams.

A true dream can’t be seen.
A true dream can’t be heard.
A true dream can only be seen
By the heart.

I’ve done my share,
Lies and deceit,
But I know,
That my true love can hear me.

That the one I must protect,
Can hear
The true me.’

Zesshou looked up. The guards seemed not to be hearing it. But this voice… somehow this sweet lulling voice was above Siren’s impression of a cat being washed in the middle of winter, but only Zesshou could hear it.
Zesshou turned around, trying to locate the sound, while Siren’s howling became softer and softer in his ears.
“Can’t we just leave and get the others?!” A Guard called out.
“My ears are bleeding!” The other tried.
Zesshou wasn’t listening. He was trying to find the owner of this beautiful voice.

‘When he hears the true me,
he shall listen with his heart.
His soul can find me,
Freeing my blessings.

When he hears the true me,
He shall finally be ready.
He shall finally be a man.
Freeing my blessings…’

Zesshou was more confused then ever. The sound… it came from the Sendo camp! Did the Sendo have another prisoner?

After napping a while, Hitori decided to take a stroll. She had heard news about Kyen Koh joining them, but she hadn’t really greeted the girl. She quickly looked the girl up, until she noticed someone else.
“Ty!” Hitori called out surprised. “You kept your promise!” She had to keep herself from flying around his neck, when she finally saw the man who saved her. “What are you doing here?”
Kyen Koh looked surprised at Hitori. She was already surprised Typhoon Griffinstrength appeared before her mere seconds ago, telling her he wanted to talk to her, and now Hitori simply barged in and claimed she knew the young man before her while she didn’t even know who this Hikari Crystal Guardian was herself! And why did Hitori call him Ty? Did she even know who she was talking to?
“Glad to see you still breathing, Lady Hitori.” Typhoon smiled. “Maybe it’s time I shall fill in some of the blanks. To the both of you.”

Zesshou was still hypnotized by the voice, while the guards simply begged him to leave. Zesshou couldn’t leave. This song… it kept on going on and on! It was so lovely, and it seemed to be for his ears only. Suddenly Zesshou jumped up, while his heart skipped 2 beats. “Afrian above, that’s Siren!” Zesshou gasped.

To be continued.
Edit:Okay, Dougurasu helped me seeing the light again. This is 56, not 55. So ignore the mistake in the title in the episode, if it isn't fixed yet. I guess this means number 60 is for Bara2Yuni. Or 61. Just read the comments below.

Somehow, the numbering confuses me. I mean, Blonde T wrote 59, but according to my calculations it should be... wait... does it make sense? KYAH! Also, we have a new writer, and anyone any suggestions when she can come into the rythem? Acrocat (56), Douguasru (57), Bara2Yunie (58), Blonde T's ep (59), me again? Blonde Tereasa is gone for a LOOOOONG while, but I'm sure we'll miss her T_T

Anyway, this episode... it looks long, but actually it's not. And well... I kinda decided to throw some things over. And leave the story of Ty over to someone else. And to give Siren a good moment for a change XD. Hope you all agree.

My inspiration has forsaken me, so blame my non existant muse for this chapter, not me XD

Endless Rain (c) Kitty Ocean (concept) and other writers at [link] (which is seriously in need of an update)
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Acrocat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
The song...le Siren CAN actually sing :XD: I never knew that, but then again, only Zesshou can hear it :XD: =P.

I'll edit and HTML this one now and then I'll send you the next 'package' of parts. Oh, btw Bar2aYunie can have part 57 if she wants to. Then I'll write after her. I'll ask her what she likes better.
kittyocean Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Lemme know as well XD And I got your mail; hopefully I can add it soon! And I hope you liked the song!
Acrocat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
The song was...was...GREAT! ;).

I'll let you know.
kittyocean Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Phew =D After all, I did make some changes for Siren XD There's nothing left from the fairy we first met XD
Acrocat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh that mood is probably still floating inside of her :XD:. Zesshou will have a rough job living with her. He has one weapon though. Just those sweet words ' I love you' ought to cool Siren down :XD:.
kittyocean Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
You mean he has to lie all the time XD?
Acrocat Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope, I think I have a nice idea for our young Zesshou and our lovely Serenity. *Is thinking about Garion and Ce'Nedra when they just met.* (David Eddings)
kittyocean Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
If you say so XD
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Bar2aYunie Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005   Writer
Oh by the way, I write songs too...wrote two yesterday.. :D
Like yours!
Bar2aYunie Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005   Writer
But I have a question though... if I may ask..
It was Siren's voice right? But then how's it possible it came from the Sendo village according to Zesshou?
Or did I misunderstood something?
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