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April 1, 2010
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Evolving Image Rainbow Goddess by kittyocean Evolving Image Rainbow Goddess by kittyocean
This is an evolving, meaning there will be an update each month! See how this image will grow...

I will probably update this piece probably halfway the month, instead of the beginning of the month like Forever Mage.

Anyway, I'm not really certain what to do with this character. The character belongs to Rainbow Tune ([link]); she is the Rainbow Goddess (temporary name; still need a final one).

The way I plan to use this character and Rainbow Tune: in Forever Young: Project KiMa (story idea still a vague concept). Mateo likes to lock himself and Kimu in a dream, where they don't know who they are and have to find each other again. The dream only ends when one of them dies, or if they find true love with each other within the dream.
This scenario failed twice. Once where Mateo thought it would be fun he would be a vampire and Kimu a vampire hunter. Too bad he forgot vampires are technically dead, meaning Kimu had no means to get out of the dream! (still working on how she will escape...). This series will be called Dream Saga, btw.

The other failed dream was this one. Mateo created such a powerful bad guy, he managed to disrupt the dream. Kimu and Mateo had their memories... but didn't know where they were.

Rainbow Tune, or as far as I made it up at this moment, will take place at a Magical School. Actually, there are 4 Magical Schools: Spectra (girls, defensive Magic User), Spectrum (boys, offensive Magic User), Metallica (girls, offensive Magic Users) and Metallicum (boys, defensive Magic Users). In the end of the school, kids from each school are supposed to team up in a team of 4, to protect the universe or so. Still an idea in progress.

Anyway, Kimu ends up at Spectra, Mateo at Metallicum and when they meet, Kimu thinks Mateo is cheating on her and... she hits him with her lightning attack XD I'm still doubting if Kimu should be a Spectra or a Metallica.... There are 4 phases in this series: Sprite/Soldier - Angel (not the religious kind) - Guardian and Guardian Angel.

ANYWAY, this is the Rainbow Goddess that belongs to Spectra. I talked way too much again.

April 2010:
This piece will be traditional only and on A4. I took pictures because that's faster. This month: basic sketchy lineart. Basic pose, since it's gonna be colourful!!

April 2010-2:
I didn't want to keep the Sketchy-Sketch up for a whole month XD. So, already phase 2! I tried to keep Gwennafran's comment about arm length in mind, but I still draw the lower arms too long. But practise makes perfect, ne? I kept them like this, because I was afraid to ruin it by erasing it XD No Undo-button with Traditional Art!
Lineart is still unfinished...

May 2010-1:

I will update this image every 2 weeks now. Anyway, in this image, you can see the dress changed a slight bit... and the wings are finished. Such detail in the wings... wow...

May 2010-2:

I used my coloured inking pens to colour the lines. You can see which colours I will pick, so yeah... now you know why I picked a calm pose :)

June 2010-1:

This is the last step before I erase all the pencil Notice the dull colours. And the colour intense wings.

June 2010-2:

All the grey pencil has been erased and you can finally see the vibrant colours. I used both Staedler as Stalibo coloured pens/fineliners. I prefer Staedler because Stalibo is much 'harder', but Stalibo has more different colours. Both can be used with Copics as well, btw.

July 2010-1:

I tried to create a tanned skin, but in the end it turned out too light :(. She is more tanned than caucasian, but I wouldn't call her tanned... I also coloured her eyes :)

July 2010-2:

I added the first colour to the hair. This is NOT how I usually colour; usually I go layer after layer after layer, from light to dark. Here I went from dark to light... with adding some more dark XD

August 2010-1:

Finished the left side of the hair. Shading yellow is hard...

August 2010-2:

Finished the right side of the hair. Shading purple can be hard too, if you only have 5 different shades of purple XP. The next update will be mid-september, because of my 3 week hiatus (I want to work on my book).
At the 10th of September I will know if my new test print came out fine. If it did, I will be able to sell 1 print at the Open Air Gallery in Vreeswijk; Nieuwegein (Netherlands; 11th of September 2010). After that, I can take orders on many different sizes, but all high quality =D

September 2010-1:

As you can see: I put on the flats for the dress. It should be pretty obvious now why I picked a calm pose on purpose XP

October 2010-1:

I won't deny it: I forgot uploading a second phase in September. Sorry!! Anyway, I coloured the first 3 layers of the dress. Someone I met said: "Oh, you used 4 shades of each colour, right?" And then he stopped. "No, wait... how many shades did you use?!" You don't want to know. Honestly, you don't want to know!!

October 2010-2:

...Just in time before the end of the month XD Anyway, I finished green and blue in this image. Blue was a pain. I always think I have too little variants/shades of blue :)

December 2010-1:

...I forgot to update in November and nobody told me XD Anyway, finished the last 2 layers.

December 2010-2

Coloured the ribbons! If you go to Tsunacon in January, you can see the finished piece (reproductions are for sale, though 1 copy is reserved for a special someone!). Come look me up and say 'Hi!'. I'm totally new to the Convention World, so help me break the ice =D

January 2011-1

I know lilac isn't in the spectrum of the rainbow, but somehow it felt lilac would be the right colour for the cape. I actually wanted it to be more see-through, but I have no idea how to do that with pencils... plus I don't have the right colour of lilac. No matter how much colours of pencils I have, I never seem to have the right lilac or purple...

February 2011-1

I was too tired to update this on the 31st XD Sorry! Anyway, ze wingz, part 1.
At Tsunacon, you could see this image in full glory. If you weren't there: there are about 5 updates left and then you too will see the end result :)
I have 1 big poster of her left, and a few small ones. In case you cared. Next 'Live performance' will be at the Elf Fantasy Fair, in April, followed by Animecon (I hope)

March 2011-1

I finished the lower wings. There are 3 more steps, so don't worry, this piece is almost complete!!

April 2011-1:

Yes, I forgot to update it. I have no excuse. Finished the top wings (first set)

May 2011-1:

Only 2 more updates! Please help me decide on the next evolving image (see journal). Anyway, coloured the back wings. This girl has 4 pairs of wings! A Double Butterfly Set!

June 2011-1:

This is the final step... well, one more step will come: a scanned version, but... that will be an old scan. One, that does no honour to the actual result. However, because it means my work will be more protected, I will still upload that XP. If you want to see the actual pretty version, you'll have to come and see me live, as long as I have posters of this image anyway =D

July 2011:

I posted the scan online. Some might say it looks very different from the last photo. There are a few reasons:
- This was scanned on a scanner that was not meant as a scanner, but as a copier. My fresh, newly bought scanner couldn't pick the many colours.
- Eventually, the print I have for sale is based on a photograph made by my sister.
- After that, I don't know what I did, but my scanner could suddenly pick up the colours. I still have to replace my current sale print with it.


Rainbow Goddess Rainbow Tune Kitty Ocean and probably Forever Young Project KiMa: Dream Saga.
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animefan9545 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
nog steeds cool
ik was op fantasy fair vandaag en zag de tekeningen die waren cool
kittyocean Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dank je wel =D fijn dat je er ook was :)
animefan9545 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
graag gedaan
heb je ook wat van mijn tekeningen gezien?
kittyocean Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nog niet - gisteren was 00:30 pas thuis en nu ben ik pas net thuis. Ik wil je gallery doorspitten als ik weer alles op orde heb, want ik wil wel aandacht voor je werk hebben :) Als ik nu ga kijken, dan kijk ik te gehaast en je werk verdient veel meer dan dat :) Dus ik kom gauw echt kijken =D
animefan9545 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
okey i snap dat je niet veel tijd hebt met all dat werk en fantasy fair erbij, en ik ben heel erg gewnt aan wachten dus het maakt niet uit
kittyocean Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Geen zorgen - ben meestal met een paar dagen bij en dan heb ik de volle aandacht voor je :)
animefan9545 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
gewoon een keer kijken is genoeg of een paar keer als je lollige dingen ziet
kittyocean Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow! Je kan met MMD werken! Zo jaloers... Ik heb dat programma eens gezien - te veel opties voor mij XP Maar supergaaf. Je tekeningen zijn ook goed, ik vind je zwart-witte het mooist. En de YuGiOh screencaptions zijn ook humor :) Ga zo door!!
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Kaleidobot Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ze is nog steeds prachtig om iedere dag naar te kijken :heart:
Hoe ging het verder op de Elf?
Nog goede zaken gedaan?
kittyocean Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Het was geweldig op de Elf. Hopelijk volgend jaar weer!
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