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July 30, 2005
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KATUK by kittyocean KATUK by kittyocean
Traditional Art because: the background was quite easily done XD The drawings were the most work XD

About 'Katuk'

There exist a lot of WITCH fan characters. All are unique, and I love each and every design. However, most names are the same: WITCHES, ANGELS, WOMAN; not as a point of critism, but I saw a lot of stories who had that names like those. And before you think: Phew, then YOU come up with something: when I just knew WITCH, I wrote a story with a couple of girls (it's lost T_T): WITCHES (Wanda, Ilja, Tamara, Cecil, Heather, Elysa, Silke; if I remember correctly), so I am not the most original one either XD. WITCHES is just so obvious.
From WITCHES, I drew all the girls (you should be able to find them in my gallery, and only Elysa and Wanda got a Witch form. However, when I realised the story would become lost, I decided to move Elysa to Serenay Moon. I strapped her from the wings, but everything else stayed the same. Copyright issues? I don't think so; Elysa's outfit was entirely black =P. If I wouldn't have told you this, you wouldn't have known this ^_^.

But now these girls... KATUK is the title. What does Katuk mean then? Nothing. Honestly; it means nothing! I made it up; formed it from the letters: Kip-Kelly, Acrocat, Togepi, Uumie and Kitty Ocean.
Who are these girls?
They are my online and offline friends, who are on DA and also helped me with Forever Young. Except Kip-Kelly; she's my big sister. I wished she had a DA gallery though XD She has a touch for photography and sometimes art as well XD (she can copy almost anything if she has an example, like a photo of a zebra or a car...).

I wanted to honor them, thank them, and also make up my own Witch Costumes. This is the result! Before you say: Wow; SMALL and LOW QUALITY picture... - well, this image is drawn in France, I took photo's of it with my digital camera, worked on the laptop in France, where I only have my tablet, which I still can't use well XD

From left to right...

- Togepi; performing magic. I dislike the outfit. It's okay, and it follows the tradition of WITCH, but I still think it's not right...
- Acrocat; somehow I really like this outfit. I know Acrocat loves swimming and somehow I imagined her wearing something that's suitable for swimming as well.
- Kip-Kelly; or Kip-Kelly-Bundy. My big sister. She'd kill me if I saw this. Strangely enough I like this outfit. Check-point: Love the shoes! Shirt/ Top is also very cool.
- Kitty Ocean; aka me. I made this one first. It's okay. I couldn't choose what kind of gloves to use, so I made both XD nice effect!
- Chloé aka Uumie; in WITCH there is always a guardian with long sleeves. Will, Yan Lin... I made Uumie second, and I had big troubles with the outfit. In the end it came out nice enough!

All wear a jewel; a bigger version is on the back. As you can see, it's the colors of the elements: earth, fire, water, air and in the middle: absolute energy (aka spirit). I did the order wrong at the first picture, so I continued doing it wrong XD Usually Air is on top, Earth below, and then water and fire left and right.

Why this jewel? Well, Kitt wouldn't be Kitt if she wouldn't make up a story as well!

When new Guardians are chosen, Kandrakar keeps in mind that one of the Guardians could fall out; illness, going evil (Nerissa! Did anyone notice she has no Fuschia in her outfit?! She's 100% green!!), journeys...
WITCH got Orube (at least I think; because we're not at that part yet XD), but just in case, they also create 'back up' Guardians; called when they need to fill in another team.
That's where the jewel is for: with that jewel, they can acces ANY element; only 1 at a time. So, if a WITCH team misses the Fire Guardian, the one who would fill in would take the power of fire. They are the strongest in their birth element.
Kip-Kelly is the oldest (24; hence why she has the biggest wings). She was a Guardian for quite some time, until her little sister, Kitty Ocean (22), recognised her. Kandrakar wanted to erase her memory, but Kip-Kelly suggested Kitt would become a Guardian as well. When Kitt and Kip-Kelly had to transform/ Henshin in front of their eyes, Uumie (18), Togepi (18) and Acrocat (18) discovered their secret, and were given the choice: Guardian, or erasing memories. Guess what they picked? =P
Because they can easily placed in other teams, Katuk hasn't really become a team. What also plays along is the age difference.
When they do have to battle as a team, they have to decide within a second which element they shall use. Most of the time, they pick their birth element... which in ALL cases is AIR (if I am right XD), EXCEPT for Kitt, who is Fire, with a lot of Water influences XD. This could result in an Air Team that can fly... except for 1 XD. But it could also result in a complete 'Fire Squad' when their enemy has the element Earth ^_^

They are VERY strong, but have a LOT of weaknesses. The biggest one is that they just can't work together as a team....

WITCH © Disney
Characters © my friends and myself
Art © Kitty Ocean which is me.
Do NOT steal ANYTHING from this image; not even a single design. Those who are on this picture may use this without asking me, but please inform me when you do XD
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I have a story ( yes it's called WITCH: Next Generation, but I felt that it was right. It wasn't a matter of laziness.) And in my story Taranee's daughter is named Tamara........
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That's okay =D Tamara is a nice name =D
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wow! so much compliments XD Thanks!
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