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January 21, 2006
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My 700th Deviation - Lotus by kittyocean My 700th Deviation - Lotus by kittyocean
For once I call it Deviation instead of Devitation XD

This image has a lot of information about Forever Young. But, since I want to keep it short and not bore you too much, I'll first do the technical stuff:

The image is drawn with H and HB pencil, and inked with 0.1 mm inking pen. Th outfits are based on an outfit designed by Demitri Scaramanga, which is based on a drawing of Crystal by me, which is based on 'Sweet Revenge' Kitty Ocean. So, the outfit has been thrown back and forth, and Demitri gave me permission to create a Forever Young image with the girls wearing dresses like those. They are called Lotus dresses.
The coloring has been done in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. The background is very plain, but somehow I really like it. The background also has been some kind of 'accident'; I just did something temporary and I liked it so much, that I decided to keep it.
The line colouring was a pain. The drawing itself took 1 whole day. The basic colouring about half a day, adding shades the other, and about an entire day for the coloured lines (my 'drawing days' kinda start at 9.30 till 13.00 and starts again at 18.00 till I go to bed; depends on the day though).
If you look carefully, Irina's (angel) outfit is a tad bluer than the others. This was an accident, but since Irina has such a sad story tied to her, I let her keep that uniqueness ^_^.

Now, about the characters!

From Left to Right:

Iri (blond kid): her full name is Irina and she is Irina's daughter, posessing the powers of healing. She has a twin brother Tenshi (who controls the air). In this picture she's around 10 years old. Don't confuse her with Konoai; Konoai's hair is more whiter, her eyes more grey and she has a small strand of hair in front of her face. Her bangs are also shorter than Iri's. However, if you follow the Forever Young family line back from Konoai, you'll find that Tenshi was Yume's husband, making Konoai not only a decendant from Naraku, but also Irina!
And yes, Yume is about 16 years older than her husband. Heck, she even saw him being born! On Seken, anything can happen!
Iri married a pirate and had 4 children whom she raised alone, since daddy was always trying to avoid being killed on sea.

Grasshopper (white hair): Those who read Season 2 will probably wonder: Huh?! But isn't Grasshopper a wolf!? Yes, she was... is... will be? During a Magical Accident the snow wolf was turned human. She is very wild, ill-mannered and has a thing for wearing as little clothes as possible (after all, wolves don't wear clothes!). Her eyes are catlike; her pupil is more an oval than a circle. She also has strong nails and likes to let them grow long. So, why mixing cat things with wolf things? Because I can and it was a Magical Accident XD. You never know what happens then!
Anyway, Grasshopper eventually got the powers to transform into a snow wolf if she desired. It's unknown what became of her: did she marry a human being? Did she find a cool wolf buddy? Did she ever get any kids?... I think this will be the best kept secret...

Yume (Blue-ish hair): Daughter of Naraku and second chief of the Icehunters. She was a rebel and a tad spoiled. After all, she was Naraku's daughter! Her eyes are cupper/ copper. Halfway her reign as chieftess, her mother Naraku decided to explore the world together with her husband. When she never returned, Yume told her daughter Tengai to take the lead while she would look for her mother with half of the tribe. When she returned, she had to tell the tribe Naraku had died. Then she too had an urge to explore the world, and left again with half of the tribe. Travelling incognito, they took the tribename the Moonriders. When she retuned once more, she brought Tengai a little gift... a little brother called Storm.

Suta (fuschia hair; holding hands with Yume): Yume's best friend and if you look at it technically, she's Yume's niece. She is a tad older but also a lot calmer than Yume. Raised as a weapon instead of a child, Naraku took pity on her and adopted her, leaving the magic-less mother behind. Suta doesn't care about that; her mother never showed her love, but only talked to Suta if she needed her powers. She was better off with Naraku.
Suta married a guy named Graven; a warrior yet also a bookworm. Together they got Azur, who married Mizu.

Clover (short yellow hair): The girl without a childhood. When she was 8, she was forced to see her parents burn to death in a fire. Left behind to die, she ended up in a monastry which was worse than death. On the age of 12, she killed her first human being. She truely is messed up, but she can't help it. I will soon write about it, so I won't spoil much. What will happen will probably confuse the heck of my beta-readers. After all, they know that Clover marries Ao and eventually gets a daughter called Izumi.
Her skintone is a tad too dark though.

Irina (angel): Okay, she's not an angel. But in this picture, she's the only dead one. Sorry. Someone told me that a lot of my characters die young. I agree, even though it seems only the women die young XD The men just seem to live forever XD
Irina controls the wind and marries *secret*. When she finally gives him what he truely wants, she dies before even seeing the gift she gave him. She died just after childbirth T_T. Her genes have a disorder which causes her to loose too much blood during childbirth. This is tranferred from mother or father to daughter, but Naraku cured Iri and Tenshi. Iri looks like an exact copy of Irina, only the haircolour is more blond and her eyes are more blue. Other than that, she is an exact copy. But unlike Irina, who was calm and tender, Iri is outgoing.

Naraku (purple haired): Main character of Forever Young (Eternity); the one who started it all. When and how she dies is one of Forever Young's biggest secrets so you won't hear it from me =P. What she is is also a big secret. You'll just have to wait till you read those chapters =P.
In this picture I gave her long hair... because I can and wanted to XD

Mah-Lin (dark blue haired): The warrior who is more deadly with her hands and feet than with a sword. She has high skilled martial arts skills and has a pride to match. This caused some trouble when she met her Sonaï...
She marries her Sonaï and gets one son. She thought that experience was enough and decided that if husband sweet wanted another child, he should get it himself. On Seken, the devellopment of a baby takes 12 months; a complete year!!

Kasumi (dark purple haired): you can hardly see it's purple anyway... anyway, Kasumi is Mah-Lin's younger sister and doesn't stay long with the Icehunters. She probably came back just to pose for this picture. She is what most women on Seken are: a helpless female. She can't fight, but she can read and write. Mah-Lin is the warrior, she is the flower. Her husband was outside the tribe, and therefor she left the Icehunters to follow him.

Mayonaka (dark skinned one): The girl who originates from the desert, has manners like a princess, is wise and calm, but not afraid to fight if needed. She is best at archery. In the beginning she had trouble accepting her telepathy, but that's because she doesn't like being changed without having control over it. She also carries along a secret, but now that people know about it, Mayonaka can finally rest.
Even though she sometimes doesn't like to admit it, Sushi is her best friend.

Sushi (Elf): It often seems like she is on sugar. Bouncing around she tries to become a witch, because she can't access her earth powers. She isn't the best witch, but practise makes perfect! She has her entire future planned out, when it comes to Sonaï, and actually... it actually turns out like that as well!
Shall she ever find her earth powers????

All characters, designs etc: © Kitty Ocean/ Forever Young which is ME (yes, both) =D

Steal, and meet a side of me you wished you had never met. :bow:
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weezlcheez Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
Wow, 700! Can that be right? When do do find time to sleep or has your persuit of art excellence made you immune to the foibles of us lesser artists? This is a very impressive peice for number 700. I hope I get to see the next 700 also. Congratulations.
kittyocean Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this gallery hosts art from 6 years ago till now :) So it's not THAT impressive XD And I have less time now. Unless DA decides to kick me off, I will post the next 700 here as well =D
Gwennafran Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can see why you're proud of it. it really is very nice. To bad about the heavy protection, though. It's very hard to see the entire picture. =(
kittyocean Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, but I also know a certain person would love to ahve this, and might even sell it! I just know he could find a hole in USA Law to make sure he can sell my image because of the Internet's Fair Use Law
Gwennafran Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah. I know you have problems. However, it is posible to make the watermarks a little more obvious and half visible. ^_~
kittyocean Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I noticed that NOTHING stops him, unless it's very obvious. This piece holds a very close meaning to me, and I'd love to show it to the world. But... the thought he might touch it with his filthy fingers.....
Horsie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2006
700 already????
And great picture :D
kittyocean Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup; 700 already =D
chloeakauumie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006
This is such a beautiful drawing. I really adore those dresses :D
kittyocean Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Me too =D
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